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A Collaborative, Multi-faceted, Creative Commercial Venture in Santa Fe, NM 

We are seeking a small team of innovative, community-minded entrepreneurs to develop and manage a unique commercial collaborative of several distinct but synergistic businesses including a natural cafe/restaurant, healing/wellness center, movement arts/workshop studio, performance space, gallery, boutique and gardens on a 2-acre property with a 6500 sq. ft. adobe building in Santa Fe.  The goal of this establishment is to create a community gathering spot that draws a lively, multi-cultural crowd of Santa Fe residents and visitors who seek opportunities to connect with others for celebration, personal growth and creative collaboration.  In addition to being home to this mixed-use business venture, we envision this property becoming the primary location for filming the "Enchanted Cafe" TV Series described below.
The property is the former location of Club Alegria and Alegria Liquors and backs on the Santa Fe River in an older, mixed-use area south of downtown Santa Fe and just northeast of the traditional historic community of Agua Fria.  This location's neighborhood includes several other innovative enterprises including Meow Wolf, Wise Fool and the Adobe Rose Theater but there are very few cafes / restaurants and no wellness center or community gathering spot like what is envisioned by this development in the area.  See Photos.
The cornerstone business will be the Enchanted Café offering a broad menu to attract a wide range of clientele with a healthy orientation featuring organic produce, hormone & antibiotic-free meats and gluten-free / vegetarian / vegan options along with smoothies, healing elixirs, kombucha, mate, hard cider as well as beer & wine.  The existing café area has a long bar and a contiguous 600 sq. ft. rectangular space that can be developed as a kitchen though initially a mobile kitchen would be employed to keep up-front investment costs down.
The café area is connected with a performance / event space containing a stage and an open studio space which would lend itself to classes and perhaps a small crafts boutique or other such retail business.  The walls of the entire open space can be used to display art, décor and furniture for sale and to enhance the inspiring quality of the establishment.  There is also a separate 1500 sq. ft. storefront space where we envision developing a Wellness Center offering various modalities of massage and other body, mind and traditional/indigenous healing work as well as a natural apothecary.  Furthermore, there is a lovely fenced-in outdoor courtyard that would benefit the café during the warmer months as well as a space for gardens to grow produce and healing herbs utilized by the Enchanted Café and Wellness Center and a large parking area that would lend itself to outdoor events and a perfect basecamp for the film production.


We will prioritize Enchanted Café and Alegria Arts becoming a model business in the sustainable practices that are incorporated into its various activities, including energy conservation, use of local, organic and environmentally friendly products, minimal use of paper goods, recycling and composting in our gardens.  We will seek to install skylights for more natural lighting and solar panels in the rear parking area or on the roof to provide all the power needs of our operations as funds can be made available.
Enchanted Café and Alegria Arts is envisioned as a collaborative venture structured to allow financial autonomy of the separate businesses involved through the leasing arrangements with a non-profit entity as the master lessor of the property.  The non-profit status of the master lessor will encourage donations to support the mission of the project (see next section below) meanwhile supporting the activities under its umbrella.
As much as possible, we will solicit the loan of the establishment's décor and large interior plants from Santa Fe businesses in exchange for marketing their services.  Likewise, we will seek to incorporate special local products and services into the café and other businesses at discounted rates in exchange for publicity generated for them, particularly enhanced by the eventual television show exposure and its accompanying website noted below.


Enchanted Café and Alegria Arts is envisioned as a progressive crossroads of Northern New Mexico culture and an essential facility for bringing Santa Fe's conscious community together as an "antidote" for the challenges of our times.  The overall mission of this project is to foster inter-cultural understanding and appreciation, collaborative creative enterprise and personal / community healing, transformation and well-being.
We are seeking to furnish the space with a unique and fanciful collection of local furniture, carpets, art and décor in conjunction with the tribal flare of large colorful fabrics.  We anticipate having cultural theme days at the café and performance space when unique menus and entertainment will be offered to draw a more specific clientele from the Santa Fe community - such themes might include Latin, Native American, Cowboy and Asian.  We seek to expand the palette of our clientele in the broadest sense that includes healthy and diverse nutrition, practices for well-being and fulfilling relationship, a more expansive world perspective and inspiration for authentic creative expression.
An unconventional entertaining and informative weekly show that follows the lives of the colorful characters at an offbeat café and ventures into unique corners of New Mexico.
ENCHANTED CAFÉ will be a weekly TV series, created and produced entirely by New Mexicans, that tells inspiring stories about our wonderful state and expresses its spirit of individuality and cooperation, respect for diversity of cultural and personal expression, and stewardship of our sacred land.  Rousing conversations and activities of the delightfully authentic characters who frequent a magical village café, will lead viewers into diverse stories conveying the essence of the heart and soul of The Land of Enchantment.
This original, mixed-format show might be described as a New Mexico version of a cross between the popular TV series, “Cheers” and “Northern Exposure”, with some of the enchanting qualities of the films, “Bagdad Café” and “The Milagro Beanfield War”, interwoven with magical reality TV-styled adventures as in Anthony Bourdain’s CNN series, “Parts Unknown”, curious documentary vignettes as in Andrei Codrescu’s feature, “Road Scholar”, and an occasional music video or musical montage.  These segments will highlight intriguing NM personalities, events and places, the complex culture and colorful history of this state, and unique and exemplary ideas in business, technology, public service, social organization, well-being and the arts as well as reflect on challenging local issues with a transformative perspective.

An aspiring Native American writer, caught in the disconnected, urban world of New York, answers a burgeoning inner call to seek her ancestral roots.  Leaving all she has known, Angela ventures west across the country where she discovers a new home in an obscure but enchanting café.

Traveling by train, bus, auto and truck, this independent, spirited young woman in her early 20s is serendipitously guided across America as traces of her heritage become more apparent and answers to her quest are revealed through diverse encounters.  Angela eventually realizes a newfound freedom in a most surprising New Mexican town.  She wanders down the road and enters an unusual café where she gradually finds herself entranced by Rosita, the sweet proprietor, an intriguing cast of characters and a quirky circus troupe and is transformed from a stranded escapee to a most welcome member of this unexpected family.
The TV series’ website, will be created as a blog written by the series’ lead character and aspiring writer, Angela, which will include more information and related web-links on the stories and issues referenced in each episode.  It will also include a calendar of NM events and a directory of NM products and services.

We anticipate the series attracting international as well as local audiences interested in the dynamic culture, unusual locations and unique stories of life in New Mexico.  It should also attract the interest of “cultural creatives” and the younger generation committed to transforming our world.  Ultimately, we hope to draw a “cult following” inspired by the show’s innovative design and offbeat nature.
Four essential intentions of this project are: 1) to create an ongoing vehicle for creative collaboration and development of those involved in the cinematic arts in New Mexico (its modular structure encourages inclusion of short films by many local filmmakers), 2) to provide a forum for stories about New Mexico as well as stories that inspire viewers towards more effective and fulfilling expressions in their lives and communities, 3) to promote greater understanding of the culture and issues of New Mexico, and 4) to boost tourism and business activity within New Mexico with the website becoming a “go to” destination for information about the state and the “Enchanted Café Train Adventure” becoming a notable attraction.
John Meade, creator / writer / producer, has been a film location scout-manager, production manager and assistant director for over 25 years with experience in all formats of the film and television business.  He has also been a producer of concerts & theatrical productions, community events and multi-media conferences with a focus on inspiring community interaction, social evolution and personal transformation.  Raquel Lopez, writer / production designer, grew up in New Mexico in a family that has lived in the area for generations.  She has been writing all her life and has worked as a costume designer and art director for countless festivals and events in the western USA, most notably for major camps at Burning Man and Santa Fe's 2016 Unify Fest.
Copyright © 2017 by John Paulding Meade.  All rights reserved.
A more detailed project outline, creative treatment and script are available for those interested in collaboration.